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“One of the most successful cases seen in a brand lift!”

Bravo is one of Sweden’s most well-known juice-brands and can be found on many breakfast tables around the country. Over the years, Bravo has chosen to expand its range of products and launched the Bravo smoothie. SocialView was commissioned to create creative content for the campaign and through a brand lift study we saw an increase of 13% in brand awareness. This was one of the best cases the international company Lactalis Group has seen in 2017!


Brand awareness

For the Bravo brand and their newly launched products!


Increased ad recall

From before to after the campaign had run on Facebook and Instagram.


Increased purchase intent

We even managed to increase purchase intent, though the goal was brand awareness!

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Stage one

Creative concept.

Content is king! – Our team of creators developed a concept with the objective to effectively engage the target audience as well as present the product and brand in the best possible way to increase awareness. The concept was built on easily consumed and exciting content together with creative formats and colorful products, that successfully grabbed the attention of the targeted audience.

Stage two


After the advertising period, we conducted a Brand Lift Study where we measured the true impact of the campaign. With this study, we could confirm that we had increased the brand awareness, brand recall and the intent to purchase the product in the physical store!


Best practice.

The Bravo smoothie campaign laid the groundwork for how Bravo and other brands within the Lactalis Group succeed in launching new ideas through creative concepts. Bravo could see an increase in brand awareness of 13% and increased purchase intent of 3% as a result of the campaign! In this campaign, Lactalis Group saw one of the best results within the group and applied this as a “best practice” case for future campaigns.

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