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Lindahls kvarg.

From nothing to a famous and
obvious product within the fitness culture.

In 2013 Lindahls Mejeriprodukter launched their first high protein quark (kvarg) and ever since – it’s been the leading product within its category. In 2014 we got the mission to take Lindahls Kvarg to the next level in social media through strong brand building campaigns and advanced retargeting towards people interested in healthy living and fitness in Sweden. Lindahls Kvarg has since then managed to earn 60% of the market share and sold thousands of tons of quark.



As the lowest cost in SEK presented for one single ad.


Sales in weight

76 210 tonnes of sold quark during 2015-2017.


Engagement rate

3,1 million audience interested in healthy living and fitness.

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Always on.

The first step to establish Lindahls Kvarg in social media, was to define the brand as the ultimate fitness brand along with a strategic always on marketing plan in social media on a yearly basis.
This included creating a brand identity, look and feel for the communication in social media, along with analysing the core audience of fitness people to understand how to get their attention.


Audience optimization.

Optimizing the target audiences together with content suited for every specific target audience, have been the key to the success for Lindahls kvarg. With this approach we managed to establish and create high awareness in new engaged customer groups, which marked the brand as an obvious product of choice for fitness people.


Multiple channels.

Through synchronising our always on marketing strategy with micro influencers, we managed to create a buzz around the brand outside its own channels. The large amount of user-generated content spread the brand message, kept the brand top of mind through channel cross promotion and created a new quark-community filled with inspiration. A great foundation for future product development.

Change in concept

Being one step ahead.

Since the launch of Lindahls kvarg, the brand has frequently been exposed to high competition from various other brands which has increased throughout the years. These competitors have challenged us to always stay up to date with social media trends to make sure that we’re always one step ahead, by allocating the resources to where we find the attention of our target audience.


Leading innovators.

Through a long term collaboration with strategic and creative advertising, we managed year after year to increase and maintain Lindahls kvarg position as top of mind and to present them as the leading innovators within the market for protein products. Through our work we created a trend for fitness people in Sweden and also proved a correlation between our high reach and always on strategy with high sales results, by measuring distribution compared to our results in social media.

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