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Lantbrukarnas riksförbund.

From engaging content and
influencers to high school applications.

Until the year 2030, research shows that there will be a serious lack of working professionals within the agriculture industry in Sweden. The shift in generations and the emergence of new professions, has left the industry with an outdated and prejudiced perception towards the agriculture profession. Since the industry is still essential for continued environmental growth and economical development for Sweden, hence the industry image must be modernized to change the perception within an younger audience.

In the end of 2016, LRF (Lantbrukarnas riksförbund) together with SLA (Skogs- och lantarbetsgivareförbundet) created a new project with a strong manifest called “Jobba Grönt” . The project objective was to change the attitude against the traditional industry, to inspire especially the younger generation to a “green” profession and to erase the traditional view of an agricultural worker, to eventually increase the number of workers within the industry.

We got the mission to handle the communication of this important manifest in social media, to change the perception of the industry among the younger generation, to inspire them to pursue a profession within the green industry and to engage the current workers to become ambassadors.


Unique reach

We reached over one million unique persons within our target audience during 2017.



The number of times the target audience was exposed to the ads during 2017, one fundamental factor for the increased brand awareness.


Engaging people

The number of interactions with our ads, a result of true engagement.

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Stage one

Create awareness.

Together with LRF’s and SLA’s new concept; we started new social media channels and created an always on strategy with inspirational and modern content, adapted to a younger audience. Together with a 1-9-90 target audience model, we effectively managed to create high brand awareness within an already interested target audience. By gradually building lookalike audiences we managed to reach out to new audiences with “myth-busting” and inspirational content, being top of mind through several channels every month.

Stage two

Audience optimization.

Synchronised to our always on strategy and to further engage the younger audience within different areas of interest, we created a large awareness driven influencer campaign, where well known swedish influencers within gaming, food, beauty, lifestyle, and horseback riding were all challenged to work as farmers. The challenge was distributed in different channels to get the target audience attention in multiple ways, establishing a whole new way of communicating the industry.

Stage three

Creating a community.

Parallel to reaching new audiences, we wanted to engage the workers and members within the agriculture industry to become important ambassadors for the matter. To accomplish this, we created a whole new channel with the purpose to act as a community for the wouldbe ambassadors. From this new channel, we targeted specific audiences with powerful facts and proud emotional content. The channel became a hub for interested people to engage, comment and spread the message further on. We also created a profile picture badge as a symbol for supporting food produced in Sweden, which today have been used by over 7400 ambassadors.


A new view of the industry.

By correlating an always on strategy in social media with strong influencer campaigns and community building channels for professionals working and engaging in the agriculture industry, we managed to establish the fenomenon “Jobba Grönt” and present the industry in a total different way that has not been seen before. By focusing on strong brand awareness every month, together with highly engaging creative content, our work resulted in increased applications to agricultural schools the following application period. Creating a promising future for the industry.

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