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A customer journey that drives more than a million tourists to an island.

Öland – One of Sweden’s most popular tourist destinations! With its unique and beautiful nature and wide range of activities, the summer on this island is something extraordinary. We saw it as a fantastic opportunity – to communicate a tourist destination through social media, with the goal of increasing visitors and building engagement like never before. With a strategy based on the different seasons, we showcased Öland as a holiday resort and lifted the wide range of activities for different target audiences.


All time high!

Number of cars visiting the island 2017 by crossing the mainland bridge.


Engagement rate

More than a quarter of the targeted audience expressed love for Öland and its activities.


Video views

The target audiences showed a great engagement by watching our video ads for Öland.


Play case video.


Seasonal messages.

A tourist destination is to a large extent affected by seasons and when the target audiences book their visits. We therefore developed a tailor-made strategy to reach out with the right message at the right time.

We built the strategy based on each season. By increasing the awareness of Öland as a potential vacation destination among the targeted audience, we were able to segment the broader audience based on which activity they prefer. By doing this we could show the different segmented audiences offers relevant for them.


Creative content for different people.

In order to successfully engage as many in the targeted audiences as possible, we developed content for Öland showcasing the beauty of the island and the wide range of activities that the targeted audience could partake in.

Segmented advertising

Thinking smart with geo.

In order to maximize the relevance and achieve the highest possible ROI, we targeted the audiences based on geografic location. We used the weather report to make sure that our ads showing sunny and warm Ölands were delivered on places in Sweden when it was raining. To people visiting the Island, we showed them engaging content of different activities during their visit based on their behaviour and interests.

Reporting and insights

Thinking of the future.

After each year, we made a detailed report with valuable insights that transferred to the next year. In that way, our work remains agile and is adapted to the previous years insights of how we best drive tourism to Öland.


Measuring true business value.

For two years we have managed to raise great engagement within our target audiences and have we effectively communicated Öland as a tourist destination. With over 27% engagement and 3,4 million video views, we’ve also set two consecutive records of cars crossing the mainland bridge (Ölandsbron) during our cooperation with Öland.

The presence in social media has proved to be the most competitive solution to; pay attention to, drive engagement and tourism to Öland!

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