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O’Learys Trademark.

From video views to actual restaurant revenue.

O’Learys is today one of Sweden’s most famous sports restaurants and is found in most cities around the country. With its 87 restaurants in Sweden, 2017 was the year when the brand would take the next step in social media. We were commissioned to implement a comprehensive technical implementation for all franchisees as well as to set an overall strategy and plan for O’Learys Trademarks communications in social media. Our goal was to demonstrate tangible and concrete results of our advertising and then scale up our collaboration, with the objective of making the entire organisation work according to a common strategy-guideline.


Increased site traffic

Compared to the same period last year 2016.


Engagement rate

At a national level during the period 2017.


Ad recall frequency

During the campaign period.

Play case video.


Working towards the same goal.

The first step for O’Learys Trademark was a comprehensive technical and strategic implementation for the 87 restaurants. We developed an approach and set up guidelines to get all franchisees in Sweden to work in a consistent and strategic way in social media.


Support to franchisees.

Beside the technical implementation that worked as a foundation for the social media presence, we provided information, support and consulting for the franchisees. This opened up for tailored social media strategies for each individual franchisee and local advertising partnerships in different cities started to emerge.



With the motivation to demonstrate the potential of social media and to create a good case that encourages local advertising, we conducted a campaign for O’Learys campaign-burgers during the winter of 2017. The campaign was set at a national level with the goal of increasing brand awareness around the new burgers with creative high recognisable content. We ran the campaign agains all fans from 86 restaurant accounts and towards relevant target audiences based on interest and earlier digital engagement in O’Learys.

Reporting and insights

A strong foundation.

The campaign and its results, were we could match our ads with table bookings, was demonstrated in a a total report that would work as a best practise for the whole organisation and its franchisees. A proof of right strategy, engaging content and advertising agains the right objectives in social media.


Fantastic ROAS and engagement.

To show the campaign’s impact at a national level, we used a sample of a local restaurant where we could present how many people who viewed our ads on national level actually booked a table or an activity at their local O’Learys. And the result was amazing! We could see that one single local restaurant of the 87 around the country had an estimated ROAS of 3,3x against the entire national budget. We also saw an engagement rate of 10,1% during the campaign at a national level, proving the right content was provided against the right target audience.

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