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We create customer journeys that
drives ROI in social media.

We are driven by conversion in social media.

By creating strategic and creative customer journeys based on your customers behaviour,
we impact audience purchase intent long-term and generates relevant measurable results for
your business. Through our expertise in tech, strategic creativity and understanding of user
behaviour, we have become a leading performance-driven marketing partner in social media.

Strategy based on customer cycles

Data-based creatives.

Distribution & business value.

Stage one


An analysis of our experts means that we analyze your business, your brand, your customer cycle and your target audiences to understand your presence in social media and how it will drive your business.

Stage two

A/B testing.

Based on carefully developed hypotheses, we perform tests and analysis work in the form of content, messages, target groups and distribution models to define your unique customer journey in social channels.

Stage three


Based on testing and analysis work, we define your unique customer journey, which is based on how we strategically, technically and creatively influence your target audiences and drive desirable results in social media.

Stage one


A complete customer journey in social media requires a strong creative concept that captures attention. We analyze your brand and realize it in a concept relevant for the entire customer journey in social media.

Stage two

Creative work.

Our creators then package and develop established concept based on a strategic and technical way of working, to adapt the content to the entire customer journey. This means taking into account both stage, target audience, objective and placement.

Stage three


We then realize and produce the content in the form of film, photo and design for the entire customer journey that affects your target audiences in the right way at all stages.

Stage one

Realisation of customer journey.

Based on established strategy, we handle all technical distribution in the form of media planning, media purchases and placement in all social media channels. This is done with extreme accuracy to maintain the customer journey and have maximum impact on your target audiences. Everything is about the right timing.

Stage two


Our experts handle all optimization of the social media advertising and handle all ongoing A / B testing and analysis. This is to ensure the right results and maximize your investment.

Stage three


We segment data and turn this into insights that are of value to your company, and then use the insights to make actionable decisions for ongoing development and optimization.

Stage four


We deliver reports that present results of value to your business. This means that you get full insight into what your efforts in social media actually generate based on your business goals.

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